Kristin Cruz

It’s @playdoh cake party time with mom while lil brother is napping. Thanks @goodcarmagirls for making this little one super happy 😘

Awards Week Wrap-Up Party: My Goodie Bag Haul

Thanks to Good Carma Studios! Shout outs to some of my fave brands. So happy to see you there at The London Hotel WeHo.

It’s Wednesday. (at The Valley)

Maternity Jeans, Kim Kardashian, Getting the “Dealership Deal” and general Cheap-ass Parenting

Maternity Jeans, Kim Kardashian, Getting the “Dealership Deal” and general Cheap-ass Parenting

Blue Ivy

We make it work.

Whatever the challenge as we parent in the big city, we rise to the occasion, without sleep, add pancake makeup and rain or shine (okay, just “shine or shine”) us L.A. parents do it all. Let’s talk awards- parenting awards & the Hollywood kind. (more…)

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I locked myself & the kids out of our new house, late for school, no shoes on, no food. Which turned into impromptu bird-watching and a Cactus Cooler breakfast. #makeitwork #mommymonday 😁 (at Shadow Ranch)

Friends with Parenting Tips →

Find out who your friends are.. MOMMY MONDAY! Tune in 8:00pst

Friends with Parenting Tips

Friends with Parenting Tips

Join the fun!

When my girlfriend was fire from her morning radio show position, I remember talking on the phone with her, parked in my car on the side of the road. She was crying and felt defeated, and betrayed by a company that she’d worked so hard for. A few weeks later she’d pulled herself together & was looking and feeling really great. I took her to lunch and she said to me “Well I’ll tell ya one…

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1st sleepover at Grandma & Grandpa’s house. Woke up to pancakes & bubbleblowing. #thisisthelife

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZZY!!! my big kindergartner💖 light of my life💓 I love you beyond words 💕

That’s my girl. 🍜🎂 Pre-birthday dinner complete with #Minecraft animals. (at California Roll & Sushi)