Kristin Cruz

That’s my girl. 🍜🎂 Pre-birthday dinner complete with #Minecraft animals. (at California Roll & Sushi)

"1st day of school excitement!!!" (📷 by @thefiremanmatt aka Daddy)

"Izzy’s first day of kindergarten." And THIS is why Mommy doesn’t go to work in the mornings. 😘👋

by @thefiremanmatt “We suspected and now have confirmed the @starbucks lemon ale is the perfect mixer for our Bombay Sapphire @kristincruz” via @PhotoRepost_app (at Starbucks)

Back-to-school, just like in the movies. →

New school year. Want to know the secrets to making it the BEST school year? Kristin Cruz gets help from the experts. Tanya Anton of GoMamaGuide joins us Monday night 8pm PST. Don’t miss our next show on BlogTalkRadio! It’s “Mommy Monday”, every Monday

I’ll have what he’s having. #naptime #noodles @9021pho (at Westfield Fashion Square)

Who’s more excited for #BackToSchool? The kids, or the parents! LISTEN Monday 8pm for #mommymonday time 🍹 #cheers (at Target @ Westfield Topanga)

Wait. What? So Technically I can eat these for breakfast & it’s ok. #coffee #chips #genius

My #wisdomwednesday mantra for this week. 📷 via @garin (at My Bed ;))

Coffeeme!!!!!!!!! (at Starbucks)