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Why I can’t wat until Monday!!!! A flashback video from Kids Incorporated: The best “Manic Monday” cover eh-ver. The one and only Fergie, then-and-now. Plus, my own Glamorous Guest and author of “Got MILF?” Sarah Maizes joins me to share about book publishing & writing your dream-book. We’ll have giveaways, kids music and parenting tips all rolled up in a live show with a bleep button- thank goodness. Join us!

Don’t Go There

Don’t Go There

MONDAY is coming. Sorry I know you want to punch me in the face for saying that, on a Saturday. But this happens every week so I guess we’ll have to get used to it. I put on my big-girl pants and I put the old manic monday out of business.

(KIDS INCORPORATED circa 1986. Did you know the little blond one on the end is Fergie? You may…

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We received such a big response to our latest Mommy Monday Show covering vasectomies (The real deal) that we’ve asked Marco Gonzalez to tell us more! He’s the featured blogger up right now on and he leaves nothing to the imagination. Hoo-Ray for “V-Day”!

Featured Dad-Blogger & “Mommy Monday” podcast show guest: Marco Gonzalez

Featured Dad-Blogger & “Mommy Monday” podcast show guest: Marco Gonzalez


V-Day… It’s not the day you’re thinking of.

Did I think I’d go from being a reporter for KTLA to blogging about my recent vasectomy? Um, no. But if I’m able to help guys out there be more comfortable with having this procedure, then it’s worth it.


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